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My teaching goals are to inspire students and support them in exploring the natural world by offering: hands-on authentic research as a part of their curriculum; team-based skills required to address complex problems; and science-communication skills to share their knowledge with diverse communities. Through this teaching mission, I aim to support the next generation of citizens to be confident and competent in the biological sciences.


Course Experience

BIOL 3452 - Genetics (Lab Instructor) - University of North Texas

BIOL 1711 - Principles of Biology  (Guest Lecturer) - University of North Texas

BIOL112 - Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation (Lab Instructor) - University of Canterbury

BIOL113 - Diversity of Life (Lab Demonstrator) - University of Canterbury

BIOL271 - Evolution (Lecturer) - University of Canterbury

Research-based Learning

Vertically Integrated Program (VIP) - Genome-to-Phenome - Boise State University

Vertically Integrated Program (VIP) - Biology of Migratory Birds - Boise State University

Vertically Integrated Program (VIP) - C3: Characterizing Complex Communities - Boise State University

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